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Toxic Workplace
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Are you struggling with a toxic work environment?
Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide is here to help! Learn simple tips and techniques for managing stress and helping you set boundaries so you can live your best life.


My Name is Sara.

I am an author, leadership enthusiast, website builder and people helper.


My Name is Sara.

I am an author, leadership enthusiast, website builder and people helper.

Dr. Sara Baker

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My book, Toxic Workplace Survival Guide, is a self-help book designed to help people stop the stress in their toxic workplace and find peace and their best path forward.

Sell Your Online Course

I specialize in creating websites with online courses that provide a customized, smooth student learning experience.

Leadership Courses

Online leadership courses to help you enjoy your leadership, find peace in leading others, and push your performance to the next level.

My Story is Simple

I Love Helping People.

I am a website developer, a leadership blogger and an author dedicated to helping people live their best lives.

Dr. Sara Baker
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Leadership Development

After serving as a leader in a multi-tier organization with over 300 employees, I now help others push past the growing pains to become phenomenal leaders.

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Website Creator

Tech has always been one of my loves and instead of building a million websites for myself (because it's fun!) I now also build them for clients. I specialize in small business sites, eLearning sites, and eCommerce sites if you want to sell something online.


Author of the Toxic Workplace Survival Guide: How to Stop Stress and Change Your Life

I am the author of The Toxic Workplace Survival Guide, which I wrote to help people find peace in difficult workplace situations.

It is absolutely essential that we stop the stress and make a change. With my latest book, you'll learn how to identify the sources of stress in your workplace, and how to change their negative effect on you. You'll also learn how to build a more positive work environment for yourself. Order your copy today on Amazon and take back your power to create peace in your life!

Sara Baker

With over 20 years of experience coaching others to reach their potential, I have a passion for helping people find peace and live their best life. I am an author, coach, and educator with a blog and online resources that have helped over 80,000 people find insight into battling toxic workplaces and reducing stress in their lives. You can grab a copy of my new book, "Toxic Workplace Survival Guide," on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3JndhwV


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