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Leadership Development

Looking for leadership development online courses?

My online courses will help you develop as a leader by teaching you how to empower your team, provide shared accountability, show courage to help others thrive in challenging times, coach others in their individual growth, and help your teammates understand and tap into the larger purpose of their work in alignment with the organization's vision.

Check out my leadership blog, the Leadership Reformation, for more information.

Website Developer

Ready to create your own website or set up a blog?

I can setup and design your website in as little as a week with development packages starting at $989. Customized graphics are also available as an additional purchase.

Check out my sample websites and custom graphic designs at The Leadership Reformation and VBI Education.

Online Learning

Are you a school leader creating online or blended programs for your school?

Need someone to help you with your virtual and blended strategy to ensure you develop quality programs and you avoid the potential pitfalls of remote learning?

Check out the resources I created to support Virtual, Blended, and In-Person (VBI) educational program development.

Let's talk if you are interested in seeing if VBI is the right approach for your school. You can email me at or call me at 972-798-8870.

If you said "yes" to any of the above, then let's talk.
I'd love to help you out.


If you are a fly on the wall in one of my meetings...

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5 Fun Facts About Sara Baker
Picture of Dr Sara Baker Leadership Development Remote Learning Website Developer
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I am a huge data nerd. I love, love data. Excel is my favorite. The patterns are everywhere. Yes, I know this isn't a fun fact for everyone, but this is my website and it's fun to me.
I learned to play the piano when I turned 40 using Play the Piano in a Flash! Sometimes, you can even tell what song I am playing. #MusicToMyEars
I live on a farm with my husband, 2 kids (3rd kid is grown & married) and 4 dogs. We do not have rhinoceroses.
I cut my own hair because who has time for that? My stylist finally showed me how to cut it correctly because he got tired of fixing my hack jobs, hehe.
We had pet mountain lions when I was a kid. One kitten, Cleopatra, lived in the house with us until she ate a giant hole in the back of the couch. Kitten is a relative term. And, no, I don't know the Tiger King.

Sara Baker, the Short Version

in the interest of full disclosure, the "Short Version" is actually the only version there is of me, I'm a stately 5'2"


  • Offering 17 years of innovative and strategic leadership experience in the development and re-imagining of programs, policies, and operational initiatives to create new opportunities for students and families.
  • Founder of The Leadership Reformation, a blog and online course provider designed to support developing leaders.
  • Senior leadership experience serving K-12 schools in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors across multiple locations, with expertise in development, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement of quality programs.
  • Visionary leader implementing cultures of continuous learning. Agent of change for organizational improvement and leadership development.
  • Passionate education advocate successful in driving regulatory change, directing instructional programs to meet the needs of at-risk youth, building top-performing teams committed to student engagement and improving the lives and the academic success of students.


Doctorate of Education, Educational Administration

Master of Science, Educational Administration

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

A Few of My Favorite Projects


Assistant Professor, Ad-Interim in Texas A&M University System for Public School Law and Principal Preparation


Invited Witness for Texas Legislative Education Committee and Veteran Affairs Commitee


Served as Product Manager for Development of Student Information System


Developed Data Analysis Tools to Monitor Student and Teacher Performance

Interested in finding out how I can contribute to your next project? Get in touch on LinkedIn, by email, or give me a call.

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